Water Protection

The water protection strand focuses on how we can work together to keep our water clean, not only for ourselves, but also for all of the other living things that rely on it.


Earth 1st

This activity is a hands-on demonstration about the environment, nature and what we can do to support nature and its cycles. The ecosystem concept is introduced.


Yellow Fish Road

This activity will demonstrate the effects household chemicals can have on our fish & wildlife as well as how it reduces the quality of our drinking water. They will learn about the connection between storm drains and natural water bodies, and realize that anything that goes into the storm sewer system goes directly into a local water body. They will discuss why hazardous wastes must be disposed of properly and why it is so important to keep our water resources clean in order to protect the health of humans, fish and wildlife.


Rolling to the River

At this activity, students learn about water pollution by pretending to be water drops moving through various stages of a watershed. By the end, students will know how and what kinds of pollutants get into the water and understand ways to prevent pollution.



Niagara Children’s Water Festival 2017

May 9th to 12th, 2017

Registration is now open!


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