Water Conservation

In this section the students will learn about the many ways we can all work to conserve our precious water resources, from making small changes to our daily routines, to preserving the other natural resources that take part in the water cycle.


Simply “Tree”mendous

At this activity centre, students will learn about the important role trees have in the water cycle and why it is important to protect our forests. They will also learn about the Carolinian forest as a unique ecosystem.


Go with the Flow

This activity is a simulation of a daily household routine. Our objective is to encourage students to evaluate the impact their daily activities have on the environment by observing how much water is used in their homes and schools. They will learn how to determine the rate of flow of water in their home and see some simple technologies that help decrease water used in routine activities.


Royal Flush

This activity is designed to show students the mechanisms in a common household fixture, the toilet. It will teach them about water conservation with a simple device (a water displacement mechanism).


2 for 2

At this activity, students will simulate brushing their teeth using two methods and determine the amount of water used for each method. They will be able to calculate how much water we use doing simple tasks and how much that can add up over a whole year. The concept that all water is re-used and that the less we use the less we need to treat will be introduced.



Niagara Children’s Water Festival 2017

May 9th to 12th, 2017

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